Better Than Chocolate Review

Q: So what’s better— chocolate or sex?

A: I’d have to choose sex, though in a very close second chocolate comes in.

I always look for something interesting and unique to add to my collection of sex toys — this time being Nomi Tang’s designer vibrator, Better Than Chocolate.

Admittedly, the first thing I was impressed with was the packaging— which is not only professional and feminine with a “designer” feeling, but is also compact and no bigger than it has to be— about 3 x 5x 3 inches. The inside of the box is lined with velvet and in the middle there is a hole cut out where your Better Than Chocolate is sitting comfortably. Below is where the extras were stashed— a little card that welcomes you personally to your vibrator, a user manual, and a white velvety storage pouch.

The Better Than Chocolate has a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) coated hard plastic body. This material’s texture is interesting and almost velvety. And I have to add that it feels delicious to the skin. The BTC measures at its widest point 41⁄4 inches in length and 21⁄2 inches. The futuristic Utopian shape features an ergonomically curved body with two “wings” on top that make placing and holding this toy very comfortable. This curve shapes my vulva and pubic mound perfectly, effectively massaging the whole region with fluttering vibrations.

The vibrations range from a fluttery light to a strong thuddy, with an impressively quiet accompanying noise level. Throughout the toy, the vibes can be felt but are more concentrated at the tip. This vibrator is clearly not meant to be a house of power, but is meant to be taken slowly as you take the time to enjoy yourself completely. With that said, for me and my sensitive clitoris, the vibrations are so perfect because they are strong, but not powerful.

There are three settings for vibration; constant and two pulsation. They are controlled at the top of the vibrator by an incredibly innovative touch sensor, control panel. All you need to do is touch the bottom of the sensor where the blue LED light is located for 2 seconds to get the function you want. And once there, to increase or decrease the intensity, slide your finger up or down the control panel. Just touch the top of the sensor once you have it right where you want it until the LED light turns red to lock in your setting. At first it may seem a little confusing, but in fact it’s pretty simple.

It also has a dedicated on / off button at the vibrator base. The battery compartment is also here. This is powered by 2-AAA batteries inserted by twisting and pulling the base off a quarter of a turn. I had the most complications with the battery cap and I admittedly had to refer to the manual. When I first tried to remove the battery cap to insert the batteries, I soon realized I had no upper-body strength whatsoever. whatsoever. It took a couple of tries to put the cap back on. I was able to figure it out with a little trial and error and it turns out after all that it’s not that hard. But when I finally figured it out, I gained a sense of accomplishment. The only thing I haven’t figured out is why it is not rechargeable for such a luxurious toy.

The BTC is also waterproof and fully submersible up to 1 meter, but by locking itself on its current function / speed, the sensor pad is set to respond to water. Before getting wet, you should set it up. I also noticed that it was unlocked by the movement of the water and I had to lock it manually, which could be aggravated. I didn’t enjoy using the BTC in water to my dismay and use it on dry land much more.

Overall, I have to say I love my Better Than Chocolate very much. It’s fast becoming one of my new favorites!

Thank you very much, FunWares!

Italian researcher Dr. Andrea Salonia believes that there is better “overall sexual function and sexual desire” for women who eat chocolate than women who shun it. Due to two chemicals, chocolate is said to have aphrodisiac qualities: tryptophan, which increases serotonin (a feel-good mood stabilizer) and an amphetamine-like stimulant that “is released into the brain when we fall in love.”