Budget Sex Toys that Will Rock Your World

Happiness is not always expensive.

All of us deserve to have terrific orgasms. But then not all of us can afford to buy those beautiful, high-end toys from LeLo and other designer toy brands. But hey, who says that you need mucho expensive toys to get rockin’ orgasms? For those with limited budgets, here are some of the low-end sex toys that will do the job just as well. For just 30 dollars and below, you can already score these toys.

Silk Touch Egg Vibe

It may be small, but don’t underestimate this egg baby. It may only be 2 inches long, but it provides powerful orgasms that will make this little toy totally worth the purchase. Spoil your clit with great orgasms for just $22.99.

Night Rider G-Spot

Need a fix of total g-spot stimulation? Spare $22 for the Night Rider G-Spot toy. Equipped with ten functions, this waterproof toy is designed to thrill. Pleasuring your g-spot is a breeze with its perfectly curved tip.

Sylvia Chrome

If what you need is straight up vaginal stimulation, then the Sylvia Chrome is your toy. You only need $21.99 plus 2 c-size batteries to enjoy this chrome-looking baby. Enjoy mild to wild vibrations with the easy to use multi-speed controller.

Fantasy Buddy

Of course, the guys are not left out of the list. For them we have the Fantasy Buddy, a male masturbator that has pleasure pearls designed to caress the dick. Enjoy exploding fantasy for only $22.95.  Another option for men is the Vibro sandy.

Lelo do not produce budget sex toys but they do produce great sex toys.  Check out my Lelo Mona 2 review.