Handeling Your Breakup With Style

My t-shirt came in the lovely packaging. Can’t wait to get the sweat shirt next. 

So here you are, facing the reality that your relationship is now over. You’ve looked at a thousand memes that seem to speak to your very existence. You’ve mourned for as long as humanly possible, You’re finally beginning to accept the finality of things and now you are ready for change, a change in attitude, a change in perspective. What do you do? You decide to self medicate and bring on the healing with some good old retail therapy. This is where our good friends at breakupboutique.com comes in. Breakup Boutique is a one-stop shop that sells trendy gear that may help you get over your breakup. As you go down that road to recovery who says you can’t look absolutely cute doing so. The Breakup Boutique can help you express yourself no matter what stage of your breakup journey – from sadness, anger, happiness or empowerment. 

(From the breakup boutique site)
Breakup Boutique is the brainchild of two 30-something ladies from London. Countless conversations during one of the duo’s breakup coined a number of sayings and phrases which quite often lightened the mood. Wouldn’t it be great to put the slogans on a T-Shirt, you know, wear how you feel.

What we are not:
  1. A bitter and twisted, angry, man-hating website
  2. A company looking to benefit from people’s relationship woes
What we are:
  1. A unique outlet for people to own how they are feeling at that moment without judgement in a bid to feel better later down the line; because quite frankly at the beginning of a breakup you can feel like shit
  2. A company that understands the rollercoaster of pain and joy that a breakup brings, and provides the gifts and tools to help you feel your way through the journey and take it all in your stride to ultimately Get Over It With A Smile
So embrace your new relationship status and reclaim your independence and turn a few heads doing so.

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