Lelo Mona 2 review

My Love of Lelo products are really getting out of hand. I started out with the Ella, then moved on to the Mia 2, and then the Siri 2 but now I am on the Lelo Mona 2. This is a vibrator that has all of the great high quality features but it doesn’t have the wave motion like the Mona Wave and it actually has higher powered vibration that I crave. It is sleek and effective and since it is made of silicone and completely waterproof as well as AC rechargeable. It does come with a really nice 1-year warranty, their classic stain bag, a sleek box and even a nice sample of personal lubricant. This toy has all of the makings of being the next bread winner for Lelo.  If you do decide to buy, make sure you use a Lelo promotion code.

Does the lelo mona 2 g-spot vibrator hit the spot?

This toy comes with a unique lightweight and elegant design that says “Hey, I am the Tiffany’s of dildos”. The Mona 2 screams luxury and it has a long, thin, and round shape that has a gentle pointed tip that goes into a bulbous curve that will massage your G-spot. It then slims down as you reach for the controls and there isn’t some really uncomfortable fullness in your area. This unique design makes it great for a good G-Spot massage as well as using it thrust into yourself. The end of the toy has silicone button controls that are simple to hit and even use. The other end of it will come in pink or purple. The whole thing is waterproof and you can even submerge it into the bathtub with you. It is rechargeable and there is also a 10-year satisfaction guarantee.

My Expertise with the Lelo Mona 2

This toy has 6 vibration patterns than you can change through 10 intensities. It goes from low to high with very little sound and it is super powerful so it feels great inside and out. One of the best parts of this toy is the fact that I can get around 2 hours of use in a single session. Plus, it comes with a travel lock, so you won’t have any mysterious vibrating in your carry on until it dies. Like I said before this toy is quiet. You can’t hear it through a closed door and if you happen to be living with others, this is a godsend.  It will give you the orgasm of your life.

Final thoughts

Overall, I won’t lie. The Lelo Mona 2 is a really lovely and luxurious vibrator that I highly recommend to every one of my girlfriends who are in the market for a great G-spot vibrator. It is discreet, sleek, waterproof, fast charging and it comes in a chic box with other goodies. The vibrations are super rumbly and powerful but quiet. So, it is going to hit your G-spot without any type of discomfort. There are plenty of patterns and speeds which is a real treat and it is great for beginners, experienced users, and even couples. The Mona 2 by Lelo has been crafted by the gods and sent to us women for the ultimate pleasure.