New Insignia Toys!

LELO’s back at it! Today marks the official launch of the Insignia Line’s latest additions–LYLA, ODEN & TIANI.

Some of the differences between these three and the current line are visually evident–luxurious velvety silicone with shiny accents of gold, identical colors1. Specially intended to be a “couples” sex toy, using their fresh SenseMotionTM technology, each of the new additions can be remotely governed by a partner. Moving the controller enables you to immediately alter vibration patterns with just one flick of a palm’s wrist or tilt. The remote has an impressive 39-foot variety, imitating the sensations produced by the toy so that the individual holding the controller can feel what their partner feels. SNAZZY!

I can’t wait to get one of these hands on me–especially the TIANI. Correct me if I am incorrect, but there is no other “clit hugging” sex toy on the market that is remotely regulated. It has some visual similarities to the we vibe’s silhouette, but I’m sure the similarities end there.

I’m fortunate enough to have one right now on my manner to me, so watch this room to see how it’s doing!

Black, Cerise and Deep Rose–not repeating the turquoise, unfortunately. ↩