Review: Black Magic Bullet

Bullets rule.  They’re small, portable, and designed for the clit. They’re all bound to be winners, as long as they have decent power.  I’d flirted with a silver bullet in my early sex toy years and they have since become a staple to my toy box.

The Black Magic Bullet is made by Doc Johnson and is sold by FunWares. This vibratoris a gorgeous, elegant black remote bullet that is nothing but sexy! Both the bullet and controller are made of Doc Johnson’s “Velvet Touch” material – a coated plastic that is indeed velvety to the touch and feels oh-so-amazing against the skin. The wonderful thing about this velvety material is that it’s not cold like the silver bullets/eggs, so you don’t get that first initial shocking cold sensation upon nestling it against your clit. The velvety textured surface feels lovely against the skin, and is more  matte than slippery so it’s easy to hold onto.  By adding a dab of lube, it gives it an almost silky feel.

The bullet itself is moderately sized at just a little over 2 1/2 inches long and 1 inch in diameter; the controller is long and thin, measuring about 5 inches long and a little thinner than the bullet. It fits comfortably in my hand. The wire that connects the bullet to the remote is a generous 2 1/2 feet long, and provides ample length to use from almost any position. There are small plastic collars where the wire connects to both the bullet and the remote – these help ensure that it’s water-resistant. There is a small O-ring underneath the battery cap which should keep all water/lube/moisture out of the battery compartment. I have used this sex toy in the shower with no problems at all, however, I would refrain from submerging it.

The controls are straightforward and simple. To activate, press the UP arrow button. This will turn it on at the softest setting. There are four levels of vibrations; they start off rumbly and low, and then become buzzier as you progress. These buttons are very easy to press, and a red light shows up on the controller to show you which level of strength that you are on. Although the vibrations are moderate, it does provide an impressive amount of power for only running on 2-AAA batteries – even on the lowest setting. You can change the intensity of vibration by either pressing the UP arrow to increase or the DOWN arrow to decrease, eventually turning it off. This toy boasts of no particular patterns beyond the  four levels of steady vibrations. Personally, I prefer steady vibrations over patterns, so the patterns are not something that I miss.

Overall, I really do like this bullet. It’s made of good quality, the material feels incredible, it’s easy to use, and affordable. I just wish the vibrations were a bit stronger. The moderate vibrations leave me wishing for more power. However, if you don’t regularly use strong vibrators or know you’d enjoy more moderate vibrations, you may find that the Black Magic Bullet is exactly the type of vibrator you’d like to use.

Thanks, FunWares!


This product provided to me free of charge in exchange for honest, unbiased review. This review is compliance with the FTC guidelines.