Review of Close2You Opus

OPUS[ LAT.] –A Special Art Work The significance of this Latin phrase is a unique art work and therefore fits perfectly with our love toy. It is a true master of enjoyment for the anatomically and perfectly constructed Opus vibrator. Its advantage lies in the 180 ° angle that ensures that the deep-seated G-spot is reached while the exterior pleasure nerves are applauded by extra buzzing stimuli.

“A special art work “— I personally couldn’t have said it any better.

I’m checking the Opus today— a unique g-spot vibrator designed by Close2You to concurrently boost both the g-spot and the clitoris. The Close2You Opus will bring you on an amazing g-spot trip with little or no effort at all.

The Opus is produced of silicone soft and high-grade. The silicone has a beautiful matte finish, as well as some drag. But it falls straight into it with a dab of water-based lubricant. BAM then! — It’s hitting the g-spot and I’m wet immediately. No wiggling, poking or prying, or hunting with this child for your g-spot. It milks my g-spot with the slightest rocking movement and I’m dripping wet seriously before switching on the toy. The vibrations are a good touch, but with it it’s just okay. The flexibility enabled me to curve her body against me so that I could readily accomplish the dual stimulation. I had come to combine clit and g-spot massage before I had time to consider testing the other vibratory methods.

Squishy, but firm enough to maintain its initial shape, is the silicone. The region right above the cap is the most firm as the engine is situated here. The remainder of the body of silicone is very flexible. In reality, just how flexible it is, I was amazed. The Opus measures 13 inches long when uncoiled, but it is about 7 inches long when folded. The duration of insertion is about 4-5 inches. For most of the curve, the insertable portion is about one inch wide. It extends to approximately 11⁄2 inch towards the bulbous end of the shaft. The shaft’s size is fantastic— it’s not too low to be efficient and not too big to be used by anyone of any experience level.

The cap at the Opus base, where the batteries are placed, consists of a smoothly covered plastic that feels velvety to the touch. The buttons are produced from the same silicone as the Opus. There are two clicks; one is turning on and off the Opus, and the other is cycling through the modes. The cap pops off to show the compartment of the battery. To maintain the water out, there’s a black o-ring. Put it over the battery compartment and push and twist to placed the cap back on. This toy is 100% waterproof when correctly sealed.

Vibrations / Patterns: Vibration low steady. Strong decently can please.
Medium vibration stable. There’s not too much distinction between the two levels, but it adds a little additional oomph.
High vibration steady. This mode is mode 2 step up.
This mode is a continuous gradual climb and fall.
A constant pulsation, roughly as powerful as Mode 3.
This mode begins to climb as number 4 and goes into a number 5 vibration. Repeat.
Rapid pulsation at a elevated rate and then a steady vibration stream before re-starting.
A constant high-level vibration, a full stop, then another constant shorter vibration, followed by pulsation.

Packaging: Close2You will top it off with the most exquisite packaging if the toy isn’t great enough. It comes in a lovely, but discreet, sturdy white box. To show the Opus nestled in its foam insert, the top lifts are open. There are two drawers; you can retrieve your Opus by pulling out the top drawer, the bottom drawer is filled with additional goodies.


  • A purple velvet bag for traveling with the Opus.
  • A Close2You sample toy cleaner.
  • A.25 oz sample of Close2You’s Glissando lubricant.
  • Close2You’s violet silicone nipple ring / band as well.
  • A booklet of instructions in about 10 distinct batteries languages!

This is by far my favorite g-spot vibrator~For its incredible performance, the Opus deserves a standing ovation!