Review of Cyclone

The Couture Collection Cyclone is a California Exotics-made g-spot vibrator sold by one of my favourite sex toy shops.

First, on the packaging, a little word. The Cyclone came in a box that was much bigger than needed. The theme of water is in no manner trashy or offensive. I thought it was a little odd that under a flap on the box there was a view window, but the vibrator was wrapped in an opaque sleeve so you couldn’t see the toy through the view window. I’m just not getting it. The box also shows that the cyclone is made of silicone of the “Japanese medical grade.”

Either way— on to the toy.

The Cyclone is a vibrator of decent size, measuring in at 9 inches long with about 7 insertable. The shaft, with its 11⁄2 inch diameter, is dense and blunt. I discovered it filling beautifully and I think it should be most satisfying. The tip is curved softly to make it simpler to obtain g-spot stimulation than with your traditional straight vibrator. The shaft is made of squishy and very flexible 100% sheer silicone. In reality, to provide sufficient pressure on the g-spot, it is tad slightly too flexible. The Cyclone’s silicone is smooth to the touch. The shaft has some ridges that, in terms of stimulation, do not provide much, but they are there and can be felt.

The Cyclone’s vibrations are lovely. Steady vibration speeds are 3: low, medium, high; and roller coaster patterns, escalating and pulsating. The intensity is relatively small to moderate, but profound and rumbly kind. The advantage of this reduced vibration intensity is that it makes a relatively quiet toy. The vibrations are well felt in the middle of the shaft where the engine is situated while I discovered the vibrations tend to spread as they reach the toy’s strong silicone tip, particularly in the reduced environments. On the largest continuous vibration environment, I discovered that the vibrations on my g-spot were still not powerful enough to be very satisfying, although somebody who is looking for a less intense quantity of stimuli might discover what they like in the Cyclone.

It’s not at all simple to open the “E-Z Load” battery compartment; it’s really very hard to open and it includes holding your mouth straight. Simply pop 2-AA batteries into the battery compartment and slide the lid back on when you lastly manage to get it off. This one is the sort you have to push and slide open instead of a straightforward twist off cap. It can be too slippery to open if any lube gets on it or you hands on it. The tight-fitting battery case (supported by its o-ring) and waterproof buttons, however, provide a toy capable of full water-play and clean-up submersion. And, as I dunked it in my bath water and no water got into the battery compartment, it seems to be true to its waterproof description.

The button that changes patterns is big and even lights red, so it’s difficult to miss. Sometimes when I thrust it, I’d have to cycle through the settings to discover my favorite velocity again. Trust the 3rd velocity. However, I found a way around that, and that’s turning it off (proposing a power button!) and starting again at the first pace, which is much faster than cycling through all speeds and patterns. There is no function of locking. No biggie— that just implies that when not in use (which is suggested anyway), you have to pull out the batteries, particularly when traveling.

Overall, I believe a good vibrator is the Cyclone. It just doesn’t live up to its description as a g-spot vibrator per se, but it’s a ideal toy for someone without too much intimidation looking to graduate to a fresh level of vibrator. Compared to the fundamental California Exotic vibes, the Couture Collection is definitely a step up in quality.

Thank you very much, FunWares!

Rating: FunWares gave me this item in return for an honest evaluation. This evaluation follows the rules of the FTC.