Review of LELO Ella

In the blogosphere I have heard so many great things about LELO products about how luxurious and exquisite these objects of pleasure are. I was proud to finally get my hand on Ella–a beautiful solid dual-ended silicone dildo designed specifically to stimulate the g-spot, while the other end can be used as a handle or as a traditional thrust. For the woman on a mission, this is a great choice to find her g-spot and want to learn how to squirt. Trust me. Ella’s a lovely piece of work. She’s sexy, sleek and chic in all the right areas with curves! She’s a double-ended dildo. The flat wider end is perfectly angled and she does this so well to stimulate the g-spot. She fits in perfectly with me and makes finding my g-spot so easy. This is a very effective design to target g-spot in various anatomies. The other end is designed just as well. It’s easy to hold and fits nicely in my hand’s palm while in myself using the g-spot end. It can also be used to thrust this end, but this end does nothing for me. This toy’s beauty is at the end of the g-spot.

Ella is the softest, smoothest, most velvety silicone I’ve ever experienced. I fell in love from the moment I took her out of the box. I wasn’t able to stop stroking her. At first sight, it was lust! I noticed a solid, seamless and firm body, but flexible. She doesn’t bend but some give to it when pressure is applied to the flat g-spot end. Her velvety surface has little or no drag which makes her easy to glide in, requiring very little lube. I don’t need lube with Ella most of the time. Definitely she’s oozing luxury.

Ella measures 7 inches from end to end, with at either end about 5 inches that can be inserted. She’s about 4 1/4 inches in diameter and 4 inches in circumference. It’s not what you’re calling filling. She’s just under half a pound very lightweight. Ella’s packaging is as sophisticated and classy as she is herself. She comes in a cardboard sleeve that has on one side a picture of Ella and on the other side a few product features–in five different languages. This can be tossed, though. A sexy, high quality black box with LELO written on top is inside that box. It is made of cardboard that is very durable and looks very discreet. The lid lifts off to show Ella cradled in her casing of plastic. This can also be thrown out. You can save the heavy-duty box for storage and use it to keep pamphlets of warranty together.

You will find a stylish white satin pouch, an instruction manual, and two warranty pamphlets included when you lift Ella and her case out of the box. One that explains the warranty of 1 year. If anything happens, your toy will be replaced free of charge outside of normal wear. The other one is a warranty of ten years. If anything happens outside the 1 year period, you can send the toy to LELO and they’ll give you another item at 50% off!

Only for the g-spot end I bought Ella. I wanted her to teach me how to squirt on order–and that’s what she did! She glides smoothly in, whenever she hits my g-spot perfectly. I love her! I was amazed at how fast she found my g-spot with no effort at all the first time I used Ella. And for once, it didn’t matter to my clit. My orgasm was intense and deep. I’ve been in awe. I’ve squirted a lot of times before, but it’s always been with sex and in most cases with clitoral stimulation. Without any clit stimulation, Ella allows me to achieve an intense g-spot orgasm. Now I can squirt, and I love it!

You always remember the first thing you did. I’m proud to say that Ella was my first at a lot of things–first dildo, first g-spot toy, first silicone toy, first dual-end toy, first LELO toy–but most importantly, Ella gave me my first g-spot orgasm without any direct clitoral stimulation. Ella will always have in my heart a special spot.

I can’t wait to get another LELO product from my vagina!

Rating: I bought this product. Links used are affiliate links where I earn a sales commission, but in no way affect my opinion.