Reviews coming soon!

I have a fuckton of sex toys to review. No joke. Upon starting up this blog, I initially thought that I would just dive right back into reviewing by grabbing any ole toy and get right to town — but that wasn’t the case. I hauled out the toy box and had absolutely no idea where to begin. I piled everything in the middle of the floor and there sat this big ole heap of toys, tangled charge cords, lubes, and samples just staring at me — I stared back. After said staring contest, I sorted through everything and started contemplating which toys are keepers and which get shacked off. I cleaned the dusty toys, put some in baggies, and matched charge cords to their corresponding toy. I will eventually better organize my toy box but, for now, I jotted a list of reviews that I will be working on this month….Are you ready for this?

  • Lelo Siri
  • Jopen Vanity Vr9
  • Tantus Little Secret Spoon

It seems as if a few toys have been improved in their day. Some of them can be found in my toy box, such as the Lelo Mia, Lelo Tiani, the We-Vibe 2, and the Sqweel — just to name a few. So of course, being the sex toy whore that I am, I’m on a quest to acquire the new and improved versions of these toys. HUZZZAH!