Spotlight: We-Vibe Thrill

We-Vibe has always been known for their famous couples’ vibrator — the sex toy that can be worn during sex! — and for quite some time this was their only toy, eventually to be followed up by the We-Vibe II which boasted more speed and modes. Though, for many, it was a hit or miss kinda product I personally love my We-Vibe. Last year We-Vibe released their lipstick vibrators, the Salsa and the Tango, along with the Touch. Then, answering many customer pleas for a remote, the We-Vibe 3 was born. However, this spotlight is focused on their latest launch — The Thrill.

Resembling much of the original We-Vibe design, and likewise, it provides dual stimulation to the G-spot and clitoris, however the Thrill was designed for solo play. The control handle allows for perfect positioning, complete comfort and total control over pace, pressure and friction1. It apparently boasts the same eight vibrational patterns as the We-Vibe II2, including my two favourites — the high steady vibration and the cha-cha — and the vibrations are said to be just as deep and rumbly. If I were to guess I’d say they used the same motor. The Thrill is rather ugly, to me, and looks like an iron or some sort of kitchen appliance3. It charges via USB port which does excite my inner geek. There are no openings or ports making it 100% waterproof4. Overall, I think this vibrator seems like it could be something and I’m definitely curious to try it out. Y’never know, I might get lucky enough snag one up to review.

You’d like to fancy yourself with one of these gadgets, you say? You can pick one up at Eden Fantasys for $169.99; Enter “W9U” for 15% off your entire order.

  1. Hey, they said it, not me! ↩
  2. and 3 ↩
  3. A hand-mixer perhaps? ↩
  4. I’m not one for masturbating in the shower but it does make clean up a much easier task ↩