Product Review: Lady Calston Feel Good Slim Vibe

Aside from the smooth, velvety feel of its material, this slim vibrator is nothing to write home about if you are looking for something of Rabbit proportions. This Lady Calston vibrator has no rotating shafts, no pearls, and no clit massagers to boast. What this offers however is something simple and basic, perfect for those who don’t need the bells and whistles when it comes to their sex toys.

This is your vibrator if you are not looking for some mega twelve-incher with the circumference of a can for your self-pleasuring. This slim vibrator is perfect for the woman who wants it just right and doesn’t need the extreme stretching to be satisfied. The best feature of the Feel Good Slim Vibe is the texture. The chamois finish creates a sensation friction against your vaginal walls and partnered with cool lubricant, makes for a heavenly orgasm without the groans and grunts. This baby is waterproof so go ahead and use it on the tub and shower. Operates on two AAA batteries, which are sold separately.

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