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JimmyJane Form 2 Review

What is it about the Form 2 vibrator from JimmyJane?

This little vibrator looks like its just going to be one of the other hundred thousand vibrators available. It looks like it could give a god clitoris massage and as though it might feel good to rest on your labia. But what is it that has made the Form 2 explode into the homes of millions of women?

I have a hypothesis: The Form 2 is actually a really good vibrator and like all vibrators, they first sold a couple of them on Amazon. The instant a women used the Form 2 she realised that is was #fantastic and needed to write a review on Amazon about the vibrator.

Another women reads her review and decides to buy the vibrator based on that review. She crys tears of ecstasy and decides to also do an Amazon review. The process continues, doubling along the way until the vibrator makes it to the top of the Amazon top selling sex toys list and that’s where the second million are sold.

Jimmy Jane Form 2

One such customer review

You’re still reading? Even after my convoluted, probably inaccurate hypothesis about why the JimmyJane Form 2 gained so much popularity s fast. I’m sorry about that and I promise to actually get into my review now.

Like many of these women on Amazon, I too saw the reviews and decided on that fact alone to give the vibrator a try. I purchased this little beauty off Amazon and two days later it was at my door. Not too much longer after that it was down my panties.

JimmyJane goes on and on about how the traditional rabbit vibrator is usually weak and when you press the ears against your clitoris they come to a stop. I agree with them about some rabbit vibrators, the cheap ones are useless, but the more expensive vibrators from Lelo or other high-end brands are powerful enough.

The Form 2 is extremely powerful and it gives you a bit of a shock when this little vibrator produces such power. For its size, it is by far the most powerful vibrator I’ve ever used but the vibrations are buzzy. For external stimulation, a buzzy vibrator is ideal.

However, for a first time user, the buzz may be too much and you will want to move it around the outside of your vagina before letting those ears home in on your clitoris. Have you ever heard of sqweel


  • The unique, flexible design surrounds sensitive areas with concentrated vibrations
  • Dual motors offer powerful, fulfilling vibrations
  • Choose between four high-performing vibration modes and five intensity levels for your every mood
  • Features a discretionary travel-lock
  • Comes in three different color variations
  • Used by women, men and couples
  • Great for clitoral stimulation
  • Waterproof and washable safe with a rechargeable cord

The verdict

So, the big question remains. If the JimmyJane Form 2 as good as the review say and is it worthy of the viral attention. Unfortunately, yes it is worth the attentions.

The reason I use unfortunately is that despite it being a really nice vibrator, its pretty simple and really nothing spectacular. Its all that you should expect from every vibrator, but its not what you get with most.

JimmyJane have a habit of getting things right, a habit that is rarely seen in the sex toy industry and a habit I hope they stick too.

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