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Lovehoney Sqweel Review

I’m always hunting for something unique and interesting to add to my ever-growing collection of sex toys. For quite some time now, Lovehoney Sqweel has appreciated my interest, and my new friends recently sent me one for review!

The Sqweel arrived promptly and came in cute packaging— always a good beginning for a relationship. Everything is nicely laid out in a velvety insert when you open the nifty hinged tin box. I was saddened that there was no lube sample with which it was supposed to come. I like samples of lube. It was deceptive, but it doesn’t really matter. Obviously the Sqweel is the main feature here.

So. It’s the Sqweel. It is, in a nutshell, a simulator for cunnilingus. Basically, a 10-silicone motorized wheel whirling lapping tongues, embedded in a hard plastic shell to simulate oral sex. Genius! This toy is not vibrating or thrusting with that said, and is intended for external stimulation.

The Lovehoney Sqweel specs

First, the specs: the diameter of the Sqweel is about 41⁄2 “and about 11⁄2” thick. The shell is made of plastic ABS which gives it a silky, velvety feel. A shell section can be easily popped off revealing the silicone tongue wheel and then replaced during storage to protect the tongues. Each tongue at its widest point is 1 “long and 1” wide. They’re soft, squishy, flexible. It is possible to disassemble the entire unit and clean it thoroughly. The side panel rotates open so that the silicone wheel can be lifted for cleaning, washed with warm water and an antibacterial soap, then left out for drying. The Sqweel itself, because it has a battery compartment, is not waterproof, so just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. You know what i find interesting, Jopen vibrator

It is powered by 3-AAA batteries when it comes to batteries. It’s quite simple to insert the batteries. Just slide off the cover, pop into the batteries, and slide back on the cover. At the end is the power switch. Three speeds are available; low, medium, and high. Slide the switch into any of the desired settings to turn it on and it starts spinning. Just switch it off to the off position to turn it off and it stops quickly.

The low is just that for speeds — a very low spin. It’s not doing a lot for me. The high is pretty fast, and quite scary indeed! For me, medium is where it is. It emits a mechanical sound and is probably ideal for those who like to masturbate down-low. It’s not the quietest toy, but it’s also not too loud. It gets louder with each level that increases.

It’s a sex toy you have to use your imagination in… and a lot of lube1. Place some water-based lube in your hand palm. Turn the Sqweel down and lower it slowly into your palm, allowing the tongues to lap the air. You’re going to shoot lube off your hand if you put it on high, so don’t do that. To avoid dragging, you want to get them nice and slippery and you might even want to add some lubricant to yourself. The weatherier, the better!

I suggest you start your journey slowly and work up. There is not much pressure needed and the wheel stops when too much pressure is added. I found that allowing my clit to touch only the tips of the tongues provides the best stimulation. Once you get used to it and relax it feels pretty good and can help you get an orgasm. It actually feels like a lapping tongue and almost like oral sex when you close your eyes— minus all the nibbling and sucking goodness. Personally, it doesn’t take me from the beginning to the end, but it’s a nice intermediary. It doesn’t necessarily give you the exact feeling that someone is going down on you, but I like the feeling— it feels interesting and is definitely unique.


The Sqweel is a fun toy and I own the most interesting sex toys. Experimenting with all the various angles is fun and it has enough zip to do the job. It fits easily into your hand and is very easy to use. BONUS! While it needs to get used to a little, I think it’s pretty amazing considering how close it’s to feeling like the real thing!

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Erotica Sex Audio Podcast | A Dirty Night At The Theater | Friday Night Fun Stories | Episode #5

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The Gift of Being Uncomfortable

Embracing Discomfort

We live in a world that thrives on comfort. Our instinct is to avoid situations that make us feel uneasy or uncomfortable. But what if the key to growth and transformation lies within those uncomfortable moments? In this article, we’re going to unpack the gift of being uncomfortable and how embracing discomfort can lead to personal growth.

Embracing Discomfort Can Lead to Personal Development

Feeling uncomfortable often signals that we’re stepping outside our comfort zone – the very place where personal development happens. When you encounter a situation that makes you uncomfortable, see it as an opportunity for growth. Whether it’s a challenging conversation, a new experience, or a tough decision, such situations can serve as catalysts for self-improvement and personal growth.

Discomfort Fosters Resilience

Experiencing discomfort helps you develop resilience – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. By facing uncomfortable situations head-on, you learn to adapt, to endure, and to overcome adversity. Over time, you will find that the things that once made you uncomfortable don’t seem as intimidating anymore, allowing you to tackle bigger challenges with confidence.

Uncomfortable Situations Spark Creativity

Discomfort can be a breeding ground for creativity. When you’re in an unfamiliar or uneasy situation, you’re forced to think differently, to find new solutions, and to innovate. You will surprise yourself with the creative ideas that come from navigating uncomfortable scenarios.

Discomfort Promotes Self-Awareness

Uncomfortable situations often illuminate aspects of ourselves we weren’t aware of or have been avoiding. It might reveal hidden fears, prejudices, or areas of weakness that need addressing. By identifying these areas, you can work towards improving them, thereby becoming a better version of yourself.

It’s a Pathway to Empathy

Experiencing discomfort also equips us with empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Through our own uncomfortable experiences, we can relate more authentically to the struggles and experiences of those around us. This fosters deeper connections with others and enriches our interpersonal relationships.

So, the next time you find yourself in a situation that feels uncomfortable, pause for a moment, and see it as a gift. It’s an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to evolve. Remember, the most profound growth often happens when we’re willing to step out of our comfort zone.

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5 Unhealthy Love Habits That Can Sneak Up on You

5 Unhealthy Love Habits That Can Undermine Your Relationship

Are you finding yourself in a relationship that doesn’t seem as satisfying as it once was? Maybe the love is there, but something feels off? It’s possible that you’ve fallen into some unhealthy love habits without even realizing it. Today, we’re going to delve into five common patterns that can silently sabotage your relationship.

Lack of Communication

One of the most dangerous habits that often creep into relationships is a lack of effective communication. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your partner should “just know” what you’re thinking or feeling. Unfortunately, we’re not mind-readers, and assuming so can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and arguments.

Instead, foster an environment where both parties feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and emotions. This encourages understanding, empathy, and connection – the hallmarks of a healthy relationship.

Keeping Score

An invisible scoreboard is not a component of a healthy love affair. Keeping a tally of who has done more in the relationship or holding onto past wrongs can build resentment and create tension. If you notice that you’re constantly trying to ‘win’ or ‘be right,’ it might be time to reassess.

Healthy love requires forgiveness, acceptance, and a focus on the present moment. It’s not about keeping track of wins and losses, but about growing and evolving together.

Neglecting Personal Boundaries

Establishing and respecting boundaries is a vital part of maintaining a healthy relationship. Over time, it can be easy to forget about your individual needs and lose yourself in the relationship. This habit can sneak up on you and lead to feelings of resentment, exhaustion, or loss of identity.

Maintain your personal space and respect your partner’s need for the same. Encourage each other’s individual growth and celebrate the personal achievements. After all, two complete individuals make a more harmonious couple.

Not Making Time for Each Other

As time passes, life gets busy, and it’s easy to let quality time with your partner slide. This is a subtle, yet unhealthy love habit that can erode the connection between you and your partner.

Make a conscious effort to spend quality time together – and this doesn’t necessarily mean grand gestures or fancy dates. It can be as simple as having a meal together, taking a walk, or talking about your day. These little moments of connection can make a big difference.

Failing to Show Appreciation

Often, as relationships mature, expressing gratitude becomes less frequent. This habit of not acknowledging your partner’s efforts or taking them for granted can subtly sneak into your love life, causing feelings of unappreciation or neglect.

Remind yourself daily of the reasons you appreciate your partner. Small gestures of gratitude can help reinforce your bond and keep the love alive.

Remember, all relationships have their ups and downs. It’s part of the journey. But being aware of these unhealthy love habits and actively working to overcome them can greatly improve the quality of your relationship. So take a moment, reassess, and remember – it’s the little things that make a big difference in love.

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Blue Dolphin Vibrator Review

If you are looking to add some spice to your love life, then why not look into purchasing a vibrator? There are so many different kinds to choose from that really no matter what you are thinking about, you are sure to find something that you will love.

From bullets to rabbit vibrators and everything in between, you can soon take the mundane to the spectacular. So there really is no reason not to check out a few different kinds of toys and just let your imagination go wild on what you can do with them.


  • Big and flexible vibe with glitter finish. Powerful multi-speed vibrations.
  • Flexible and thick for lifelike thrusts. Easy twist base speed control.
  • Bulbous base for great grip and stimulation. Waterproof vibrations
  • Material: TPR/TPE – Requires 1 AA battery, not included
  • Phthalate free and latex free – Size 8.5 inches long, 1.46 inches wide shaft.

When it comes to vibrator reviews, it is probably important to keep in mind that everyone’s tastes are different so something that might appeal to one reviewer might not appeal to you. It really depends on what you think that you want to get out of your new toy.

Blue Dolphin Vibrator Review

When we provide real vibrator reviews we look specifically for a few things that will make a product stand out for us. We, of course, want quality and we want to know that a product is going to deliver what it says it is going to and that it is going to last a reasonable amount of time. Check out one of my recent post Lelo Mona 2

We also want to know that if we recommend a product that it is going to be something that will be a lot of fun and add that certainly something that you are looking for. So we like to think that the products that we review will be products that will bring everyone who purchases them a lot of pleasure.

So let’s have a look at one of our recent favorites that we want to provide a vibrator review on and that’s the Blue Dolphin Waterproof vibrator.

This uniquely shaped vibrator not only looks very fun but it is fun too! Its mid price range appeals to us because we think that great sex should also be affordable. We love the fact that the cute dolphin head vibrates wildly and knows just how to stimulate the clitoris which pretty much guarantees some great orgasms.

Closing Thoughts;

It is also designed to penetrate the vagina pretty intensely as well. We love the different speed settings so you can go from a nice slow gentle warm up right all the way up to a frantic vibration that is going to send your woman right off the edge of the bed.

So if you are looking for some wild and fun sex tonight then you really can’t go wrong with this Blue Dolphin vibrator. And don’t forget to take into the shower next time you head in there too for some extra fun.

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Tantus Alumina Flow Review

Fun Fact: Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the crust of the Earth— it represents 8 percent of the strong ground weight of the Earth. It’s secure and recyclable.

I coveted a Tantus Alumina line toy for what looks like forever now. This series of dildos is produced of aluminum aeronautical grade, unlike other Tantus toys. The aluminum is anodized, which not only adds to these toys ‘ pure beauty, but also strengthens the resistance to corrosion and wear. Each Alumina item is cast in two completely functional halves— which means you can swap the ends of ALL FOUR Alumina goods to create your ideal toy. This is a very distinctive design and means I’m coveting all four Alumina toys, of course.

The Flow came to me in a slim black cardboard box with silver writing and on the top a silver outline of the form of the dildo. It’s sturdy, elegant, unobtrusive, and no larger than making it ideal for storage. The toy itself is nestled inside in black foam and a slim care booklet for guidance. Simple, but with class contact.

Certainly, the Aluminum has some heft to it. It feels very robust in hand and can last a lifetime with minimal care unlike most toys on the market. This dildo has no texture at all— it’s totally smooth. It’s cool to the touch and it feels cold even at room temperature. The surface is flawless and has a truly incredible shine to it. The aluminum is also a deep purple color that pleases the eye very much.

As for readings, the flow is 91⁄4 “long, where approximately 4′′ from either end are insertable. While the slender end is 7/8′′ in diameter and the thicker end is 11⁄2 “in diameter, the dildo somewhat replicates a bowling pin. Even with the dramatic size shift, the weight appears to be distributed almost uniformly and surprisingly, while using it for longer periods of time, it does not tire my wrist. The Alumina line’s greatest characteristic, however, is its interchangeability. Since I don’t have any other Alumina toys, I haven’t been able to create my own mix, but the Flow is very simple to screw apart and back together — even for a weak person like me who has trouble opening the pickle jar. The dildo is a cleaning breeze and with some antibacterial soap can be simply washed down. Placing it on the top rack of the dishwasher (top shelf, no soap) can also sterilize it. I noticed that the gunk tends to accumulate between the rubber ring and the two parts are joined together so that a thorough cleaning should be ensured. Other than that, there’s nothing!

Now on to the Nitty Gritty… I attempted to use the Flow at room temperature first and it’s cool when you start using it first. However, the aluminum quickly warms up your body, almost heating up as you thrust it, and not just the inserted end— you can feel the heat down the toy’s entire length! It feels distinct from any of the other materials that I have ever used.

I went under hot water then. I let it sit for about 5-10 minutes while I was clitorally arousing myself. I was surprised when I returned to the Flow that the dildo was still hot and that it had retained the heat incredibly. As the most amazing sensation went through my whole body, I inserted it and gasped at the sensation. To define it as the finest term — sensational! I could take it or leave it with the thin end— it doesn’t do a lot for me. I love it like a handle. The bigger end fills me beautifully. Also? At g-spotting, this thing is incredible! Although it is not curved, it appears to occur spontaneously with its strong and dense shaft along with fast thrusting. It’s oh so beautiful to clench it while also stimulating my clitoris. So firm! So strong!

It smoothly inserts and thrusts, and the heft is ideal. The interchangeability of the Alumina line requires the cake. I am highly impressed by the Alumina Flow for someone who has always been mainly a clit-girl — I keep coming back to it over and over again. It’s certainly an exciting addition to my collection of toys! I feel extremely sexy using this dildo!

Thank you very much, FunWares!

Rating: In return for an honest, unbiased evaluation, this item given me free of charge.

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Tantus Spoon Review

Tantus has a Little Secret vibes new-ish line. The whole line is a combo of a bullet with a silicone sleeve of high quality. There are five distinct colors and designs— all so colourful and playful— so I want to collect them all, of course! Tantus sent me the Spoon (the orange one!) for evaluation to get started.

The bullet is a chrome bullet — I’m going to say straight away that I love this bullet, love it, love it! This is a single-speed bullet, no models of a kind, operated by a push-button on the base. The cap is secured by an o-ring that makes it completely submersible and waterproof. For pinpoint stimuli, the pointed tip is incredible, the length makes it simpler to hold on, and the N-battery is more strong than watching batteries. In fact, the N-battery brings out enough energy that without a issue I can orgasm.

The bright orange electric sleeve consists of nothing but the finest— 100% ultra-premium silicone. With a glossy finish, it’s smooth and plushy. There’s a bit of a drag on the surface, but as always, the enjoyment of lube will boost. The sleeve snugly fits over the bullet and is somewhat annoying when you first try to remove it. I discovered myself at the little bugger tugging, pulling, wiggling, and twisting. When I lastly got it off, I put a dab of (water-based) lube into the sleeve before reinserting the bullet, allowing it to slide in and out without friction.

While the Spoon is advertised as a g-spotter, for g-spotting reasons, I discover it lacks in length. Perhaps it could achieve a very shallow g-spot, but I doubt that. The wide flat head is good to spread the vibrations and stimulate a bigger region, and if you’re something like me that needs a bit of pressure on your clit, it’s definitely worth snapping up. Also the Spoon pairs beautifully with other Tantus dildos like the Alumina Flow.

The vibrations are decent in terms of energy with and without the sleeve. It’s certainly not a powerhouse, but let’s face it — it’s bullets! While the bullet is fairly powerful and will provide pinpoint stimulation if you remove the jacket, the sleeve’s flat head allows the vibrations to spread more — something I believed would be a disappointment at first. I enjoy vibrations, it turns out! It’s almost silent and ideal for those who like to masturbate down-low.

As far as cleaning is concerned; very easy. Because the sleeve is made of 100% silicone, it can be washed with an antibacterial soap and warm water, bleached with a 10% bleach solution, or plugged into a pot of boiling water. Just wash it with an antibacterial soap or a toy cleaner for the bullet and you’re nice to go. Before any type of cleaning, I suggest removing the strap to guarantee that you get any gunk (e.g. lube, juices) that can accumulate between the sleeve and the bullet.

Overall, I believe a beautiful little atmosphere is the Little Secret Spoon. In most instances the phrase “Great for beginners” is code for “This little bitch is too inexpensive and too weak to get me off.” But with the Little Secret vibes, that’s not the case— these little wonders are the perfect starting toy. Honestly. They are well-made, appealing, discreet, strong, waterproof, lightweight, user-friendly, and affordable. I’m a colorful slut and now I’m looking forward to the whole rainbow!

Thank you very much, Tantus!

In return for honest, unbiased evaluation, this item given me free of charge.

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Xtreme Pack G-Spot bullet Vibrator Review

Brace yourself–this bullet is not your usual sort of bullet in silver. This is the Xtreme Pack G-spot bullet, and when they called it Xtreme they weren’t exaggerating! It’s fairly bad-ass from the color theme to the layout to the oodles of features and patterns!

The G-spot bullet is produced of non-porous, phthalate & latex-free hard, velvety soft ABS plastic, and hypo-allergenic… and violet! The control pack is made of sides and front tough shiny purple plastic with rubber-cote neon green handles. The bullet itself–3 1/2′′ long and just over 1′′ in diameter–is modestly sized. It has a curved tip and this one enables shallow penetration unlike many other bullets. As a G-spot toy, I certainly wouldn’t count on it, but it can still slip a little deeper than most toys like it. I don’t generally use it for penetration, but I have to admit that tip really excels at pinpoint clitoral stimulation and that’s often all I want. The velvety textured surface feels beautiful against the skin and is matter than slippery, making it simple to hold on.

A generous nearly 3 feet long neon-green cord. It is jacked and the control unit is readily plugged in. I like this function because it makes sure that there is no unnecessary strain on the cord. It also makes cleaning the bullet very easy without worrying about having water close to the battery pack. The control pack alone is amazing. It looks very beautiful. The mixture of color is evil–that’s what first drew me to the toy.

Oh, and the features! Let me inform you with 5 distinct speeds and 7 distinct insane coaster patterns, vibrating, rising, escalating, and pulsating–this thing has enough features (35!) to keep you busy for days! Don’t describe them to me, please, as I can’t. But I can inform you that the blend has some fairly interesting patterns–Oh, there’s always one!

There’s not just one “ON” light on the control panel like most vibrators. This beast has its own full light show. There’s a easy ON / OFF button that turns it on and sets the lights to a constant buzz. On the left hand, the plus and minus buttons regulate the velocity. Each plus button click improves the intensity of the vibration and begins a fresh set of lamps. On the correct hand, the plus and minus button shifts your vibration mode. Not only does each press change the vibration pattern, but the red lights arch changes with each button you press, matching your vibrator’s settings–it’s like a disco in your bedroom! Plus, with each button press, the green lights up the middle of the light panel light up. It’s quite insane!

The only issue I have is the noise with this toy. It is definitely not a discreet sex toy, but it can be forgiven for this kind of strength. It’s not the greatest toy I’ve come across, but when it comes to distant vibrating bullets / eggs, it’s definitely up there. It has become my most commonly used bullet rapidly. The only other problem I have with this toy is that batteries are required.

I can say that this is a must-have for anyone who enjoys remote controlled products if you’re looking at bullets! I suggest you make a favor of yourself and spend some additional dollars on the Xtreme pack G-spot bullet. As long as you don’t mind a little noise, the power and varying vibration patterns won’t disappoint you. And come on–it’s green lime and violet!

Thank you very much, FunWares!

Rating: In return for an honest, unbiased evaluation, this item was given to Rabbit Vibrator Toy free of charge.

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JimmyJane Form 2 Review

What is it about the Form 2 vibrator from JimmyJane?

This little vibrator looks like its just going to be one of the other hundred thousand vibrators available. It looks like it could give a god clitoris massage and as though it might feel good to rest on your labia. But what is it that has made the Form 2 explode into the homes of millions of women?

I have a hypothesis: The Form 2 is actually a really good vibrator and like all vibrators, they first sold a couple of them on Amazon. The instant a women used the Form 2 she realised that is was #fantastic and needed to write a review on Amazon about the vibrator.

Another women reads her review and decides to buy the vibrator based on that review. She crys tears of ecstasy and decides to also do an Amazon review. The process continues, doubling along the way until the vibrator makes it to the top of the Amazon top selling sex toys list and that’s where the second million are sold.

Jimmy Jane Form 2

One such customer review

You’re still reading? Even after my convoluted, probably inaccurate hypothesis about why the JimmyJane Form 2 gained so much popularity s fast. I’m sorry about that and I promise to actually get into my review now.

Like many of these women on Amazon, I too saw the reviews and decided on that fact alone to give the vibrator a try. I purchased this little beauty off Amazon and two days later it was at my door. Not too much longer after that it was down my panties.

JimmyJane goes on and on about how the traditional rabbit vibrator is usually weak and when you press the ears against your clitoris they come to a stop. I agree with them about some rabbit vibrators, the cheap ones are useless, but the more expensive vibrators from Lelo or other high-end brands are powerful enough.

The Form 2 is extremely powerful and it gives you a bit of a shock when this little vibrator produces such power. For its size, it is by far the most powerful vibrator I’ve ever used but the vibrations are buzzy. For external stimulation, a buzzy vibrator is ideal.

However, for a first time user, the buzz may be too much and you will want to move it around the outside of your vagina before letting those ears home in on your clitoris. Have you ever heard of sqweel


  • The unique, flexible design surrounds sensitive areas with concentrated vibrations
  • Dual motors offer powerful, fulfilling vibrations
  • Choose between four high-performing vibration modes and five intensity levels for your every mood
  • Features a discretionary travel-lock
  • Comes in three different color variations
  • Used by women, men and couples
  • Great for clitoral stimulation
  • Waterproof and washable safe with a rechargeable cord

The verdict

So, the big question remains. If the JimmyJane Form 2 as good as the review say and is it worthy of the viral attention. Unfortunately, yes it is worth the attentions.

The reason I use unfortunately is that despite it being a really nice vibrator, its pretty simple and really nothing spectacular. Its all that you should expect from every vibrator, but its not what you get with most.

JimmyJane have a habit of getting things right, a habit that is rarely seen in the sex toy industry and a habit I hope they stick too.

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Best Rabbit Vibrator

It all started with that very infamous scene in Sex and The City. That is when the rabbit vibrator became popular. Samantha happens to swear by it and stated that it has changed her life, and there are a lot of women that say the same thing. However, there are hundreds of options that are on the market, so which one are you going to pick.

First off this toy is a media favorite and rabbits exploded into the consciousness of the world in the 1990s, and since then they have just gotten so much better especially when it comes to the wealth of new designs that have been thrown into this group because of their functionality. There are rabbit vibrators that will curve into you to hit your G-spot, there are some rabbits that are so powerful that they will shake your butt like you are working it out in the club, then you have some that just make your sex life so much better than the plain Jane toy that you purchased at your local Spencer’s.

When you get rid of all the super nifty features, all rabbit vibrators will have a core structure when it comes to the build. It will come with one or two ears that will rest on your clit, and then a shaft to be inserted into you. When you stimulate these areas simultaneously, you will have some pretty intense pleasure that will have you begging to either stop or keep going to land those back to back orgasms.

Let’s be honest, these are the most talked about sex toy around the globe. Just because New York socialites started the trend with owning them, doesn’t mean that you have to be one to own one now. They are easy to attain and there is a perfect model of rabbit vibe for every single woman or man out there. We shouldn’t forget the guys, because let’s be real here men do like anal play and when the ears vibrate their sensitive areas, it causes a pretty intense orgasm.

Let’s get on to the nifty features of a rabbit vibrator

There are hundreds of rabbit vibes on the market right now and some of them can be a bit over the top and some really understated. Basically, these are the main features that you will find on most if not all rabbit vibrators.

Yum, Yum, Vibration!

All rabbit vibrators are going to vibrate, but there are some out there that will have multiple motors which make it have a super strong vibration. There are some that will have some constant vibration settings and then you have the ones that will escalate, pulsate, and even rotate back and forth between the two motors. Some will even let you completely control the vibration of the two motors separately. So, if you want more vibration on your clit and less in your vagina, you can set it up like that.

Get Charged!

Rabbit vibrators will normally use your average batteries such as 3 to 4 AA or AAA batteries. Now, because we no longer live in the stone age, it is very common to find those delicious rechargeable rabbit vibes that are really affordable. They could plug into a USB cable, sit on a rechargeable base, or even use your average wall plug.

Beads, Thrusting, and Rotating, Oh My!

While the more expensive and premium rabbit vibes will simply vibrate in multiple spots, the traditional rabbit vibrators that we know, and love came with all sorts of really nifty functions. There were some that would completely rotate. These types can contain beads that are towards the base of the part that penetrate you. The beads would move around like ball bearings. Thrusting is also a pretty popular feature for a rabbit vibrator, and now they have the ones that will heat up and make it feel much more realistic. Let’s be honest, we are a pretty naughty world to think of things like this.

Rabbits on the Rabbit?

Originally Japanese companies placed a cute little rabbit shaped character on the part for clitoral stimulation and they even used different types of animals because honestly, they weren’t able to sell realistic toys. There are some rabbit vibes that will still use rabbits, but there are some that have dolphins and butterflies. The more premium rabbits will have sleek arms that are just plain, and the clit arms may be flexible, or they may not.

Control Me!

Besides the unique Rabbit Pearl, which happened to have a wired remote control, most rabbit vibes that are out there today have all of the controls located on the base. However, the design could vary. Take for example, the simpler rabbit vibes will have a simple, single button that you will push to turn it off and to cycle through the vibration settings. There could even be sliders so that you can adjust it, twist style controls, or indicator lights. But when you think about the rabbit vibrators from companies like Lelo, you will notice that those actually have two sets of buttons. These buttons will let you increase the intensity and cycle through the settings. Some of these great toys will remember the last setting that you used so that you don’t have to play around to find the right mix again. There are also app controlled sex toys that enable a wide range of additional features too!

How Does It Feel?

Materials are important. Most rabbits are covered in a soft material. Originally, they used PVC and Jelly, but now you can find them in silicone. Silicone could be softer or harder, but it is nonporous, so that means that it is so much better for your body. TPR and TPE are also very similar to each other and have pores, but it is much less than your average PVC rabbit vibrators.

Nasty Features

Let’s just be honest, some of us like anal or at least the teasing of anal. There are some rabbit vibrators that actually come with a third arm that you can use for anal penetration or to stimulate the sweet spot between your holes.

Now let’s talk about the best rabbit vibrator models on the market right now.

Soraya by Lelo

Lelo Soraya Rabbit Vibrator

When it comes to beauty, you can’t beat the Soraya by Lelo. This dual action rabbit vibrator will offer you multiple stimulations of pleasure in a sleek yet seductive package. It has a smooth exterior that contains some unique features such as the individual motors for each of your pleasure points and an arm that is pretty flexible that will give you the mostmind-blowing orgasm that you can have on your own. It is made from ABS core that is wrapped in silky silicone. It is waterproof, so that means tub time just got more exciting. The Soraya is also very easy to use with the 3-button power that will give you complete control of the intensity of the vibrations and 8 deliciously naughty vibration modes. It also comes with a charger, satin storage pouch, and a 1-year warranty. You certainly can’t go wrong with this vibe.  If you’re looking for just a g-spot vibrator, check out the Lelo Mona 2 and make sure you use a Lelo promo code to save some cash because Lelo can be expensive.

Ina Wave by Lelo

LELO INA Wave Movement
Lelo Ina Wave

The Ina Wave by Lelo is one of the best rabbit vibrators on the market right now. It has a body that actually strokes you back and forth while it vibrates. It is almost like your partner’s fingers are super silky-smooth playing with your nether parts. It has a dual action motor that has two independent vibrating arms and it is great for singles or couples who are wanting to go above and beyond the pleasure limit that they have. It comes with 10 different vibrating intensities and patterns and not to mention it is full adjustable, so you are able to find the right type of sensation that you are wanting. This is one toy that even though the price tag says no way, your body is going to be like oh yes!

Vanity Vr12 by Jopen

Vanity Vr12 by Jopen
Vanity Vr12 by Jopen

This is a rabbit vibrator that has been around for a bit, but it is basically its own class of vibrator. The size, rotation and shape that it produces makes it completely different from all other types of vibes that are out there. The Vr12 simulates rotation without ever actually rotating. It has a two-button interface. The top button will control the vibrations and if you hold the top button in it makes your vibrations much more intense. The bottom button is what will control the speed of the rotations. Hold that button down and the speed will go much faster. The clit arm has 3 little prongs that will give you a surrounding stimulation. It is made from a silicone material that is very soft and super easy to clean. It is great for those who have allergies or are sensitive to a lot of materials.

Rabbit Vibrator Wrap Up

Let’s be honest, it is really hard to state which rabbit vibrator is best because we are all different when it comes to what we like in the bedroom. You could like the performance of the toys that are mentioned, but you could that it just doesn’t fit. There is plenty of information here to help you to find what you are looking for in a rabbit vibrator.

The above are the best of the best but that means they come with a higher price tag and not everyone wants to spend over $100 on a rabbit vibrator so check out the top 3 rabbit vibrators under $100.

Another discounted vibrator that may interest you is the Wet Wabbit vibrator or the Lady Calston.  For something completely different, check out the Jimmy Jane Form 2.