Fleshlight Turbo



I mean the really great kind that is full of slippery suction and a range of intense textures that you can’t help but to get off to.

Even the slippery sound of having plenty of lube inside giving that realistic blowjob sound made me even more excited.

If your significant other isn’t so keen on giving blowjobs, then this is a perfect alternative because not only can you get a satisfying blowjob, but you can then also enjoy some great sex with your partner as well.

We are all strong advocates for sexual wellness and wellbeing here at Toys and recommend talking to your partners and communicating what helps you to enjoy a satisfying sex life.

The Turbo Thrust is a toy that I have no problems recommending to anyone to give a try. Blow job fan or not, you’ll really enjoy the different angles of penetration and it provides adequate stimulation to please almost anyone.

Cleaning Your Turbo Thrust Fleshlight

A lot of people I’ve seen online have stated that the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is harder to clean than other Fleshlight sex toys, however I didn’t really find the cleanup too much of a problem.

You have a completely hollow tube and the fleshy Turbo sleeve hole and canals allow you to really get in there and give it a good wash with warm water to ensure that it is completely fresh, clean, and hygienic ready for your next use.

All you need to do is separate the parts and give it all a thorough rinse. But even just after a good rub down of the Fleshlight sleeve you can soak it for about 5-10 minutes in warm water and leave it out to dry.

Storage is only a problem if you want to discreetly have your toys in plain sight.


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