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Best Rabbit Vibrator

It all started with that very infamous scene in Sex and The City. That is when the rabbit vibrator became popular. Samantha happens to swear by it and stated that it has changed her life, and there are a lot of women that say the same thing. However, there are hundreds of options that are on the market, so which one are you going to pick.

First off this toy is a media favorite and rabbits exploded into the consciousness of the world in the 1990s, and since then they have just gotten so much better especially when it comes to the wealth of new designs that have been thrown into this group because of their functionality. There are rabbit vibrators that will curve into you to hit your G-spot, there are some rabbits that are so powerful that they will shake your butt like you are working it out in the club, then you have some that just make your sex life so much better than the plain Jane toy that you purchased at your local Spencer’s.

When you get rid of all the super nifty features, all rabbit vibrators will have a core structure when it comes to the build. It will come with one or two ears that will rest on your clit, and then a shaft to be inserted into you. When you stimulate these areas simultaneously, you will have some pretty intense pleasure that will have you begging to either stop or keep going to land those back to back orgasms.

Let’s be honest, these are the most talked about sex toy around the globe. Just because New York socialites started the trend with owning them, doesn’t mean that you have to be one to own one now. They are easy to attain and there is a perfect model of rabbit vibe for every single woman or man out there. We shouldn’t forget the guys, because let’s be real here men do like anal play and when the ears vibrate their sensitive areas, it causes a pretty intense orgasm.

Let’s get on to the nifty features of a rabbit vibrator

There are hundreds of rabbit vibes on the market right now and some of them can be a bit over the top and some really understated. Basically, these are the main features that you will find on most if not all rabbit vibrators.

Yum, Yum, Vibration!

All rabbit vibrators are going to vibrate, but there are some out there that will have multiple motors which make it have a super strong vibration. There are some that will have some constant vibration settings and then you have the ones that will escalate, pulsate, and even rotate back and forth between the two motors. Some will even let you completely control the vibration of the two motors separately. So, if you want more vibration on your clit and less in your vagina, you can set it up like that.

Get Charged!

Rabbit vibrators will normally use your average batteries such as 3 to 4 AA or AAA batteries. Now, because we no longer live in the stone age, it is very common to find those delicious rechargeable rabbit vibes that are really affordable. They could plug into a USB cable, sit on a rechargeable base, or even use your average wall plug.

Beads, Thrusting, and Rotating, Oh My!

While the more expensive and premium rabbit vibes will simply vibrate in multiple spots, the traditional rabbit vibrators that we know, and love came with all sorts of really nifty functions. There were some that would completely rotate. These types can contain beads that are towards the base of the part that penetrate you. The beads would move around like ball bearings. Thrusting is also a pretty popular feature for a rabbit vibrator, and now they have the ones that will heat up and make it feel much more realistic. Let’s be honest, we are a pretty naughty world to think of things like this.

Rabbits on the Rabbit?

Originally Japanese companies placed a cute little rabbit shaped character on the part for clitoral stimulation and they even used different types of animals because honestly, they weren’t able to sell realistic toys. There are some rabbit vibes that will still use rabbits, but there are some that have dolphins and butterflies. The more premium rabbits will have sleek arms that are just plain, and the clit arms may be flexible, or they may not.

Control Me!

Besides the unique Rabbit Pearl, which happened to have a wired remote control, most rabbit vibes that are out there today have all of the controls located on the base. However, the design could vary. Take for example, the simpler rabbit vibes will have a simple, single button that you will push to turn it off and to cycle through the vibration settings. There could even be sliders so that you can adjust it, twist style controls, or indicator lights. But when you think about the rabbit vibrators from companies like Lelo, you will notice that those actually have two sets of buttons. These buttons will let you increase the intensity and cycle through the settings. Some of these great toys will remember the last setting that you used so that you don’t have to play around to find the right mix again. There are also app controlled sex toys that enable a wide range of additional features too!

How Does It Feel?

Materials are important. Most rabbits are covered in a soft material. Originally, they used PVC and Jelly, but now you can find them in silicone. Silicone could be softer or harder, but it is nonporous, so that means that it is so much better for your body. TPR and TPE are also very similar to each other and have pores, but it is much less than your average PVC rabbit vibrators.

Nasty Features

Let’s just be honest, some of us like anal or at least the teasing of anal. There are some rabbit vibrators that actually come with a third arm that you can use for anal penetration or to stimulate the sweet spot between your holes.

Now let’s talk about the best rabbit vibrator models on the market right now.

Soraya by Lelo

Lelo Soraya Rabbit Vibrator

When it comes to beauty, you can’t beat the Soraya by Lelo. This dual action rabbit vibrator will offer you multiple stimulations of pleasure in a sleek yet seductive package. It has a smooth exterior that contains some unique features such as the individual motors for each of your pleasure points and an arm that is pretty flexible that will give you the mostmind-blowing orgasm that you can have on your own. It is made from ABS core that is wrapped in silky silicone. It is waterproof, so that means tub time just got more exciting. The Soraya is also very easy to use with the 3-button power that will give you complete control of the intensity of the vibrations and 8 deliciously naughty vibration modes. It also comes with a charger, satin storage pouch, and a 1-year warranty. You certainly can’t go wrong with this vibe.  If you’re looking for just a g-spot vibrator, check out the Lelo Mona 2 and make sure you use a Lelo promo code to save some cash because Lelo can be expensive.

Ina Wave by Lelo

LELO INA Wave Movement
Lelo Ina Wave

The Ina Wave by Lelo is one of the best rabbit vibrators on the market right now. It has a body that actually strokes you back and forth while it vibrates. It is almost like your partner’s fingers are super silky-smooth playing with your nether parts. It has a dual action motor that has two independent vibrating arms and it is great for singles or couples who are wanting to go above and beyond the pleasure limit that they have. It comes with 10 different vibrating intensities and patterns and not to mention it is full adjustable, so you are able to find the right type of sensation that you are wanting. This is one toy that even though the price tag says no way, your body is going to be like oh yes!

Vanity Vr12 by Jopen

Vanity Vr12 by Jopen
Vanity Vr12 by Jopen

This is a rabbit vibrator that has been around for a bit, but it is basically its own class of vibrator. The size, rotation and shape that it produces makes it completely different from all other types of vibes that are out there. The Vr12 simulates rotation without ever actually rotating. It has a two-button interface. The top button will control the vibrations and if you hold the top button in it makes your vibrations much more intense. The bottom button is what will control the speed of the rotations. Hold that button down and the speed will go much faster. The clit arm has 3 little prongs that will give you a surrounding stimulation. It is made from a silicone material that is very soft and super easy to clean. It is great for those who have allergies or are sensitive to a lot of materials.

Rabbit Vibrator Wrap Up

Let’s be honest, it is really hard to state which rabbit vibrator is best because we are all different when it comes to what we like in the bedroom. You could like the performance of the toys that are mentioned, but you could that it just doesn’t fit. There is plenty of information here to help you to find what you are looking for in a rabbit vibrator.

The above are the best of the best but that means they come with a higher price tag and not everyone wants to spend over $100 on a rabbit vibrator so check out the top 3 rabbit vibrators under $100.

Another discounted vibrator that may interest you is the Wet Wabbit vibrator or the Lady Calston.  For something completely different, check out the Jimmy Jane Form 2.