Lovense Gemini



Introducing the Lovense Gemini, the first remote-controlled vibrating nipple clamps from Lovense. Experience hands-free nipple stimulation with these exciting new toys, perfect for couples who like to get a little kinky or explore light BDSM. You can adjust the tightness of the clamps to your liking and control the vibration intensity with ease through the Lovense app. These nipple clamps can be conveniently worn around your neck or clipped on your bra, and they are designed to fit most sized nipples, including those of non-female breasted individuals.

The Lovense Gemini is water-resistant, making it perfect for shower or bath play. The product includes a magnetic charging cable, storage bag, optional necklace, and bra strap. You can also use these nipple clamps in public play, and cam models can make extra money through BDSM live streaming sites. Besides, you can create the perfect combination of clamps and vibrations by controlling their pinch strength and vibration intensity from weak to super-powerful.

Overall, the Lovense Gemini is an excellent addition to any sex toy collection, offering versatile play styles, unlimited pleasure possibilities, and a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for a unique way to spice things up with your partner or explore your kinky side, the Lovense Gemini vibrating nipple clamps are a must-buy. Order yours today from Lovense and discover a new world of pleasure.


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